How it Works

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All commands are sent via APRS message to ARMDS.


Get current weather conditions for your location, a city, or a grid square.

Get current weather conditions for your location.

Example - @WX

Get current weather conditions for a city.

Example - @WX seattle

Get current weather conditions for specific grid square.

Example - @GRIDWX DN97vt

Maidenhead Grid Square

Give your location as a maidenhead grid square. Find the maidenhead grid square of another APRS station.

Get your last known position as a maidenhead grid square.

Example - GRID

Get maidenhead grid square of last known position of another station.

Example - @LOC N0CALL-7

Find name and city of US callsign

Find out the name and city of a licensee via APRS.

Get name and city of US licensee.

Example - @CALL n0call


Anytime a message is received with the post command (@P), a new post is created. Posts are sorted by callsign(without APRS SSID). For example, N0CALL-7 becomes N0CALL. A tag is assigned to each post with the callsign and SSID to allow sorting by specific APRS stations. See tags.

See User Posts for list of posts by callsign.

Each post is assigned an ID. This ID is used for retrieval of post via APRS and for deletion command.

Any user can post and retrieve via APRS message.

Please note that all commands are case sensitive. Also note the spacing is sensitive as well.

When adding a custom ID and Title, @T must come before @I in the APRS message, see below.


Add a post to database and website.

Example - @PThis is a test post.

Example - @PThis is a test. @TTest post.

Example - @PThis is a test. @TTest post. @Itest

Deleting a post

Deletes a post.

Example - @DEL 123456789

Example - @DEL test

Retrieving a post

Retrieve specific post from specific user.

Example - @R N0CALL ID test

The hastag - '#'

"Tags" a post. Can only have 1 tag per post.


Deletes all posts and data from ARMDS.


Tiny Pages

Users can send a message to generate a tiny page. A tiny page is a retrievable piece of information via APRS message. A tiny page can also be viewed like a website. See for an example. Tiny pages must have a title. You can view a tiny page by entering its title followed by For example, to view the tiny page with a title of Example, enter in your URL bar.

Create a tiny page

Add a tiny page.

Example - @TPExample @CThis is an example.

Retrieve a tiny page

Retrieve a tiny page.

Example - @R Example

Delete a tiny page

Delete a tiny page.

Example - @TPDEL Example


When sending an email, please obey the rules of your country. In the USA, you may not initiate communications with a third party (unlicensed person).

Send an email

Send an email to an address.

Example - this is a test

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