Q: What is ARMDS?

A: Amateur Radio Micro Data Service (ARMDS) is a service that provides useful information and tools to amateur radio operators via APRS messages. Source code for this project can be found here.

Q: Why create this?

A: Because the APRS network is so vast and covers many remote areas, I needed a way to update others while hiking "off the grid" or riding a motorcycle. I needed the information to be easily accessible and readable by other amateur radio operators who are not familiar with APRS packets. So I figured that displaying information from an APRS packet on the web in an easy to view format would be the best solution. Messages such as "I made it. Contact on 145.560" or "I will be late getting back" are reassuring for others. I figured that there are other amateur radio operators out there that have the same problem, so I created ARMDS to address that. Keeping in the spirit of amateur radio, the source code is available here. Feel free to make improvements.

Q: What can this be used for?

A: There are many uses. Examples coming soon.

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