About the service

I do this as a service to the Amateur Radio community.

The APRS network is an incredibly versatile and complex packet radio network, operating on a single frequency in places. With APRS enabled satellites orbiting the earth and mountain top repeating stations extending coverage to many places, all connecting together via the internet, the APRS network has an extremely wide coverage area. With that in mind, why not create a general information service to assist amateur radio operators.

Because the source code is open source, you can also run an ARMDS set up.

Technical Setup

Information is taken from the message portion of the APRS packet and inserted into a Markdown formatted file. This is then converted to HTML by Pelican static site generator. This happens every minute or so. The changes are uploaded via Rsync to a web server. This creates a fairly instantaneous site. The ID and content of the message is also stored into a Python dictionary file, which is used for the retrieval via APRS. Tiny Pages are HTML files generated from an APRS message. Tiny Pages are also stored in a Python dictionary file for retrieval by others.

*APRS is a registered trademark Bob Bruninga, WB4APR. APRS Site